Experienced cargo handling

We handle goods in our own facilities as well as at the customer's premises, using our own personnel and equipment. In Haminan, we have our own container depot, and we handle the containers with our own reach-stacker.

Regarding cargo handling and warehousing, we offer various customized and tailored services, including:

  • Storage and picking services for e.g. online stores in our own warehouse, as well as delivery and postage services to the end customer.
  • The possibility to collect and send warehouse batches even on the day of order.
  • Advanced IT solutions to improve picking efficiency, ensuring that picking is done quickly and accurately.
  • Pay only for the actual amounts of stored goods, which eliminates the need to reserve pallet or shelf space or pay other lump sum fees for being a customer. This allows cost-effective volume growth without unnecessary or hidden costs.
  • Marking, labeling, and applying stickers to incoming goods, as well as storing them. This enables fast picking and shipment.
  • Taking care of the packing of goods in accordance with the requirements of various postal and courier companies. We pack the goods taking into account the requirements of each company. If you only work with a certain courier service, we will deliver the goods to them.
  • Delivering your products worldwide.
  • Handling oversize and heavy cargo (our own container reach stacker with a lifting capacity of 45 tons; our own wheel loader with a lifting capacity of 12 tons).
  • Our packing service ensures that the goods arrive at least in as good condition as they were when they left the factory. Packing is one of the only ways to protect goods from damage during transportation.


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