Caucasus and the Middle-Asia

In the Caucasus and Central Asia region, there are living over 80 million people. The region exports a lot of oil, gas, and certain rare earth metals. It has become increasingly important as a transit route between China and Europe, as many try to avoid passing through Russia by all means.

There are already numerous Western companies operating in the region, and the local population has a strong desire for Western products and clothing, making the market vast and full of potential. We enable logistics to this area!

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan have access to the Caspian Sea, and for this reason, ferry traffic is crucial for transporting goods between Europe and Central Asia. We have secured permanent spots on the ferries, ensuring space for our trucks and maintaining a reliable and uninterrupted supply chain.

We have been operating in this region for decades, and now the trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, ensuring real-time monitoring. Our operations have been certified for quality, reflecting our commitment to implementing processes that are fine-tuned and work efficiently.

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