Customs brokerage services in Finland

Customs clearance of goods in Finland is an easy and fast process for our customs specialists with great experience and ready-made IT solutions. In case if the cargo arrives to the ports of Finland for further shipment to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan or other countries, you will definitely need an experienced agent who can provide the customs services fast and reliably. By having a direct EDI-connection with Customs Authorities, the exchange of information can be as fast as blinking an eye.

Transit customs clearance T-1 or TIR Carnet, as well as transfers to customs warehousing, IM-A

We quickly pass goods that go through Finland. For this, we require at least a commercial invoice.

The TIR Carnet is an alternative to T-1 transit procedure. It is practical, especially for transportation passing through multiple non EU countries, but more limited for high-value goods. In Finland, in addition to the paper version, an electronic TIR is also required.

Export Customs Clearance (EX-A)

We will help you draw up an export declaration in the form EX-A (Ex-1) - a standard document for export operations adopted in the EU and is issued electronically. This means that the transport can depart from anywhere in Finland, and the vehicle can take the shortest route to the border without having to obtain a paper export clearance from our office.

Import customs clearance and payment of customs duties

Payment of duties is a way to customs clear the goods imported into the EU, even if you do not have your own customs account in Finland. When crossing the Finnish border, we can clear all goods distantly (electronically), so that the goods can be then shipped directly to any EU country.

Waybills, CMR road waybill and maritime bill of lading

A CMR waybill is required for every international road transport. It contains the minimum amount of information needed to ensure that the transportation is carried out correctly.

We also assist in the preparation of maritime bills of lading and provide filling instructions to shipping companies.

We always prepare the waybills accurately and precisely to ensure smooth transportation across seas and borders.



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