Customs brokerage services in Finland

Customs clearance of goods in Finland is an easy and fast process for our customs specialists with great experience and ready-made IT solutions. In case if the cargo arrives to the ports of Finland for further shipment to Russia, you will definitely need an experienced agent who can provide the following services:

Transit customs clearance T-1 and IM-A

In short time we will issue a transit declaration for the goods being shipped through the territory of Finland.

Registration of TIR Carnets (TIR) and CMR waybills

We will prepare a package of documents required for the implementation of international road transport.

Export Customs Clearance (EX-A)

We will help you draw up an export declaration in the form EX-1 (Ex-a) - a standard document for export operations adopted in the EU.

Re-export clearance

We arrange the export of your goods from Finland, which previously arrived from the territory of Russia and back.

Import customs clearance with payment of customs duties and VAT

Payment of duties and VAT is a way to clear customs goods imported into the EU. When crossing the Finnish border, we can clear all goods to be shipped to any EU country.

Registration of railway consignment notes

The waybill is one of the key documents for railway transportation, we will correctly fill out the waybill for smooth passage of customs and the border.

Assistance in the preparation of documents and consultation

We know everything about customs clearance of goods in the EU, so you can always count on additional assistance in resolving emerging issues.



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