Road Delivery

We provide daily regular FTL road transportation domestically in Finland, and in international traffic. When needed, we handle also first and last mile deliveries.

Whatever your cargo is, you can always consider receiving an individual approach and solving any issues: we have the broadest possibilities for the delivery of various types of cargo, including the transportation of temperature-controlled cargo, expensive, special and dangerous goods. We have own trucks and trailers as well as there are hundreds of subcontracted trucks at our disposal.

Expertise is our asset

  • Our own fleet and reliable partners. We have installed GPS tracking systems on our vehicles to keep track of their location and loading times.
  • In double deckers you can load twice as many Euro pallets as in a standard Euro truck. Especially suitable for fragile loads that cannot be stacked on top of each other.
  • Our experienced traffic managers ensures smooth and reliable cargo flow.

Diversity of delivered goods

  • We transport temperature-controlled products as well as food products using FNA and FRC-certified equipment.
  • We transport all types of packed ADR cargo (except for the 1st and 7th hazard class, i.e. explosive and radioactive goods)
  • If needed, loading and unloading can take place from the side or top of the trailer, allowing for the transportation of longer and wider products.
  • Container trucking of dry container 20", 40" and 45" containers of regular height (DC), high cube (HC), or pallet wide (PW) modifications.

Reliability and quality

  • The quality of the services we provide is confirmed by certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001


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