Fulfillment operator

If you are the owner of an online store, the fulfilment service will allow you to quickly get access to new sales markets by expanding the delivery options for your goods. The service is suitable even for small online stores.

We provide online stores with services for storing, assembling, and delivering orders using the facilities of our warehouse. With our help, you can:

  • Send goods the next day after ordering. We take care of the packaging and delivery.
  • Pay for the storage of goods in the warehouse only upon the fact of storage itself, without the need to reserve pallets, cells and without paying the required amounts. Such flexible conditions will help you to effectively increase sales volumes without incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Entrust us with the collection of orders. Assembly accuracy - no more than 0.2 errors per 1 000 orders.
  • Accept the goods of your online store in our warehouse

To charge us labelling and placing the goods for storage.

  • Just send us your clients' applications. We will undertake the picking of orders at the request of the online store.
  • Don't worry about shipping packaging. We will pack the order ourselves according to the specific service requirements. If you work with a specific delivery service, we will only transfer orders to them.
  • Sell your goods all over the world.
  • Resolve all issues with order processing, including the placement of returned goods in the warehouse.
  • Receive from us a free inventory of the remains of the goods (2 times a year).

For the implementation of fulfilment services, we use the most modern IT solutions and have more than 5 years of successful experience in providing this service!



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